How it Works?

Are you eager to learn about our process? Let us give you an in-depth look at what you can expect when you work with us.


Step 1: Get started with ease

To kick off the process, simply choose the desired package, fill out the respective order form and let us know about your requirements (Business website, content writing, landing page, or brand awareness and Digital PR services with fully optimized content). We’ll ask for:

  • The total number of words you’d like to order.
  • The niche of your website. You can give us a link to your competitor’s website or an ideal website in your industry you want to us to match or beat in design and content.
  • The number of pages or blog posts you want.
  • The word count for each page or post.
  • The titles of the posts (or we can find them for you using our cutting edge  search analysis method to maximise your results).
  • If you’d like us to post directly on your WordPress website (a free service).
  • If you’d like us to add high quality images to your pages or posts (a free service).
  • Any subheading or special content guidelines you’d like us to follow.


Step 2: Get Free sample created by keeping your precise requirements in mind.


Step 3: Payment and submissions

After getting your approval, we’ll send you an invoice for the total cost via email or whatsapp, along with any questions we may have. 

You can pay through  UPI, Bank transfer, or Credit/Debit cards. You can also choose the pay as you go option. Just pay for the work you receive weekly. 

We’ll also send a Google Sheets “Submissions Sheet” via email, which we’ll use to submit your articles. 


Step 4: Creating the hit list

If you ordered a hit list of article titles, we’ll get right on it. It typically takes 1-2 days from the date the order is placed for us to create the hit list for you.


Step 5: Developing your website/Writing your content

Our team of writers, website experts, editors, SEO professionals and designers will begin working on your project, and you’ll receive it as we complete it – no more waiting for a big batch. You can expect the first set to be submitted about 3-4 days after you place your order.


Step 6: Quality assurance

Our editing team will carefully proofread each post/page, running each article through Grammarly Premium and CopyLeaks to ensure high scores and 100% originality. We’ll also triple-check that each page and article includes the essential elements for maximum impact:

Matches the search intent of the keyword.

Uses authoritative sources where appropriate with links to the source.

Includes a list of sources used so you know where our information is coming from.

Optimized for Google featured snippets, including paragraph answer snippets, list featured snippets, and table featured snippets.

Crafted subheadings to improve indexability as a top-level result in the search results.

Formatted for easy copy/paste into WordPress.

Uses bullet points and numbered lists where appropriate.

Adheres to any guidelines you specified.

Recommends Amazon products where appropriate.

Does not include affiliate tags from other websites.

Converts measurements into imperial and metric forms for all types of users.

And dozens of additional optimizations…


Step 7: Final review and publication

Now it’s your turn to review and publish your content and website design(or let us do it for you). If you need any revisions or rewrites, simply send us an email, and we’ll take care of it for you at NO Extra Cost. With our detailed process, you can have confidence that you’ll receive high-quality work every time.


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